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...advancing design thinking for equitable + sustainable urbanism.
— Our Mission

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Our programs are made up of 3 components. Studio DC, Studio South Central, and Studio Digital.


studio dc

The Studio DC project will engage 10 high school students 16+ years old in the transformative power of design thinking. Over a 10-week Saturday program, students will become experts in water quality issues impacting their family, neighbors, and friends. Unlike other youth programs that focus on tactical landscape maintenance and remediation, this program will expose participants to design thinking, the design process, and design careers.

Studio south central

To cultivate the next generation of leaders in urban planning and landscape architecture, Studio South Central is launching urban sustainability youth leadership program for high school students in South Central Los Angeles. Participants will learn what it means to have community at the center of design in addressing legacies environmental injustice and redesigning their own community.



We do not create the work. I believe we, in fact, are discoverers.
— Glenn Murcutt


Science and history have proven time and again that it is possible to create cultural shifts that lead to systematic change. We aspire to transform how students think and solve problems by connecting them to the technology and design strategies that can help them shape their communities.

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