Studio DC

The Studio DC project will engage 10 high school students 16+ years old in the transformative power of design thinking. Over a 10-week Saturday program, students will become experts in water quality issues impacting their family, neighbors, and friends. The multi-age, interdisciplinary program will be led by design professionals, college students of design, and a variety of volunteer professionals working to help create a more sustainable city. Unlike other youth programs that focus on tactical landscape maintenance and remediation, this program will expose participants to design thinking, the design process, and design careers. This program is funded by the District Department of Energy and the Environment.


The 2019 Studio DC Application is now closed. Please check back with us at a later date for more program opportunities.


Studio South Central

Based out of Los Angeles, this Studios first year is working closely with youth from the Pueblo Del Río community. Out of this first studio, participants learned about a range of creative storytelling mediums including, writing, video interviewing, block printing, social media and photography. All of these mediums provided a platform to tell neighborhood stories. This program has been recognized locally with the support of the Central Alameda Neighborhood Council, a Neighborhood Council within South Central Los Angeles. Your support would help elevate this program to include even more participants. Since April 2019, Studio South Central has engaged 6 participants, and their families. The culmination of this program is scheduled for June 30, 2019. Future Studio South Central work will continue building local partnerships on projects that integrate art and environmental justice to address the impacts of industry from Vernon on the community within Pueblo Del Río.